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March Melee Rally 2024

The March Melee rally is on the 6th  of March. It starts at Glendinnings Garage and finishes at the the Dr Syntax at New Ridley.

The regulations can be found:


The entry form can be found:


The seeded entry list can be found here:

1. Georgiana Webb / Jonathon Webb Volvo E
2. Bob Henderson/ Tom Henderson Proton E
3. Mike Cook / Ross Blyth Fiesta ST150 E
4. Chris Purvis / Andrew Magee Toyota Yaris E
5. Dylan Scott / Warren Scott Vauxhall Corsa E
6. Ian Guthrie / Roy Hewitt MGB GT E
7. Ali Proctor/ Peter Thouless Morris Mini E
8. Faizan Akram/ Ed Wilding Citroen AX N
9. Steve Canning / Dave Lithgo Ford Fusion N
10. Cosmo Waddell / Suzuki N
11. James Hastings/ Stuart Hastings Proton B
12. Patrick Pennefather/ Daryl Spencer Seat Arosa B

The final regulations can be found:


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