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Hexham 12 Car Series

The Hexham 12 Car Series is a number of 12 car rallies head throughout the year across Northumberland, Cumbria and County Durham.

What is a 12 car Rally?

A 12 Car rally is a small rally of up to 12 cars. These are held on the public road and are designed to test the navigational ability of the rally crew. 

How do they work?

There is a crew of two people, a driver and a navigator. They need to get round the route of about 50 miles without being late or early at any time checkpoints. 

The navigator is given the route which they need to plot on to a map. There are many ways this route can be given. See the table top rally page for some examples. 

During the night they will be asked to record the fact they have used the correct route by writing down route checks. These come in the form of a number plate on the side of the road, or using mileages on road signs. 

How much do they cost?

A Hexham 12 car costs just £25 to enter. 

Do I need insurance?

You will need insurance that will cover you 3rd party while doing a rally on the public roads. If your own insurance doesn't cover you then the club will offer cover during the event for for a fee. 

Do I need a rally car?

No not at all, you can enter in any car you want. Although some of the lanes used can be very narrow! 

I've never navigated on a rally before, can I still do the event?

Yes and new navigators are encouraged, you will be given the route already written on your map. Just concentrate on not getting lost!

What else do I need? 

You will need a licence (apply online for free on the motorsport UK website.

Map (Which one depends on the event)

Pens and pencils


A map roamer

A piece of cardboard to rest your map on



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