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Hexham 12 Car Series 2024

The club runs a championship for it's 12 car series. With trophies given out at its annual awards night.

The rules are as follows:

Points are awarded dependant on how many people in each class started the event. 


12 Points for the winner if 12 Starters

11 Points for the winner if 11 Starters

The championship works on dropped scores depending on how many events are run

7 Events - 5 events counting

6 Events - 4 events counting

5 Events - 4 events counting

4 Events - 3 events counting

Beginners are awarded half points in the novice class, if a beginner steps up to novice class mid-way through a season then they will then be awarded full points from then onwards.


The current standings can be found here: 

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