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Hexham and District Motor Club


Hexham and District Motor Club was established in 1948 and is now one of the premier motor clubs in the UK.




The club organises various events throughout the year, including 

Top Signs of Hexham - 12 Car Series

The John Robson Navigational Rally

Spring Scatter Rally

The Northern Dales Targa Rally

Car Barn Beamish - Kielder Targa Rally


The club also organises table top rallies, attends car shows and has various social events during the year.


A number of members meet at the Dr Syntax in New Ridley (NE43 7RG) on a Wednesday night when there are no other events on to discuss all things motorsport and rallying!  

Club History

The Hexham & District Motor Club was founded way back in 1948 when a group of motorcycle enthusiasts met, under a street lamp in Hexham Market place and agreed to form a club with the original Secretary being the splendidly named Ulric Dixon. The club soon attracted a good number of members and their was active participation in off road trial, scrambling and even “Road Trials “ which were a kind of road rallying on two wheels.

By the late 1950’s a lot of members had switched to four wheels, car owners were looking to join the club and there was a gradual switch to events catering for these new arrivals, rallies, driving tests and hill climbs proving popular. Some members ventured further afield, competing in other club’s events and there were even Hexham members doing the legendary Monte Carlo Rally.

In 1964 the club became an MSA recognised club and joined the regional Association of North East and Cumbria Car Clubs opening the way for members to compete in a wide range of events. The club’s own events, however, continued to flourish, there were numerous 12 car rallies, hill climbs , autocross and autotests. In 1969 the first Hexham Rally was organised an all night rally which attracted a large entry and was included in the regional championship, it continues to this day, now under the title of the John Robson rally. The 1960’s saw the early days of stage rallying and club members took eagerly to this new branch of the sport. The 1970’s aw the club run it’s first stage event, the Slaley Stages, this continued for several years, the club also ran stage events at Albemarle Barracks and, a single venue vent, in Broad Oak Quarry.

With rallying remaining the backbone of the clubs activities, another milestone came in 2009 when the club ran the first Hexham Historic Rally which was included in the prestigious HRCR Night Navigation Championship and the HRCR Tartan series. The club continues to encourage enthusiasts who run classic cars not least with their latest offering, The Northern Dales Classic Trophy which it is hoped will become an annual event, running in conjunction with the increasingly popular Targa format. The 12 car series continues to attract a healthy following and will, hopefully, provide cheap and entertaining motor sport for many years to come.

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